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Robs Stupid Toilet Paper Finder

Input your zip code: Toilet Paper Paper Towels Bleach Hand Sanitizer Other Cleaners
Robs Stupid RC controlled tank
Learn about My stupid tank

Robs Stupid Rototiller
Stupid rototiller I modified

Robs Stupid Gocarts
See pictures of some of the gocarts I have built

Robs Stupid Cougar Land
Read about the joys I had restoring my 68 Cougar

Robs Stupid Booby Land
Read about the beer fetching robot I am building

Robs Stupid Scout Land
Read about the fun I had rebuilding my 67 International Scout 800

Robs Stupid Lawnmower Land
Read about the lawnmower I built with a car motor

Robs Stupid Buggy Land
Read about the buggy I built with a car motor

Robs Stupid Boner Land
Read about the robot I built to play Rock Band

Robs Stupid Sweeper Robot Land
Read about the sweeper robot I built

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