Robs Stupid Buggy Progress October


Oct 02, 2010 Moving some trailers around the yard is difficult or impossible with the 4 wheeler, and a big pain to disconnect the scraper from the lawnmower, and seems really silly to fire up the Jeep or Scout just to move a trailer, so buggy needs to have a hitch to help move stuff.

The lawnmower has 3 trailer balls on it, but none of them are adjustable. The buggy needs to be more flexible, so it needs to have a receiver hitch, to enable using different attachments for different tasks.

Now Buggy can tow stuff

Rear suspension is so soft that the rear end sagged nearly a foot when attaching the big trailer, but it had plenty of power to pull it out of the ditch.

You can kinda see from the pic that the back bumper is slightly different. Sometime last month, when I was stretching the frame, I moved the rear outside vertical pipes to be flush with the rest of the bumper. Looks better that way, but more importantly, it gives a bit more room behind the rear tires. There were black marks on the pipes, assumedly from the tires rubbing when severely compressed. Now I dont gotta worry.

Its been awhile since I took a pic of the whole buggy. So Here.

Current Pic Showing Stuff

Oct 04, 2010 Buggy has been having some issues. The check engine light has been coming on intermittently, with the motor running very rough. Several visual checks didnt reveal anything to indicate why. Time to do some diagnostics.

Gotta figure how to check what the computer is complaining about

Seems that if the wiring wasnt moved all around, it wouldnt be too hard to figure out. Since the wiring has all been moved, it may be difficult to find the appropriate connectors.

Oct 05, 2010 Ok, that was easy. The connectors are right next to the computer, and I know where that is. Connecting the green ones together revealed a code 24, which means air control valve problem. The air control valve is what controls the idle, and since its not working right, it idles all rough. No big deal. I was worried that it was a separate problem making the idle goofy. The air control valve on one of my other cars went silly once, and I cleaned it out and it was all good again. Cant do it tonight though, cause its too dark.

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