Robs Stupid Sandrail Page


This is Robs Stupid Sandrail Page. It is Stupid.

My dad gave me an 88 Chevy Sprint that had some slight front end damage. He knew that I intended to build a gocart out of it. He even helped me strip the drivetrain and steering, then helped me beat the crap out of it. After getting all the useful stuff off of it, we took turns beating it with a sledge hammer and a bumper jack.

Tip of the day: repeatedly hitting a solid object with a bumper jack can make the jack part slide off the pole, across a garage and stick in the wall, ask me how I know.

After we got tired of beating it, we got a pickaxe and finished it off.

A pic of the car after fighting off blows with everything we could think of hitting it with.

Most of the rear frame complete.

Motor positioned, but not mounted yet.

Motor all mounted up.

Steering column almost where it will end up.

After being forced to make the suspension the same width as the car to preserve certain geometries, I found I have made most of a car. With the front wheel drive setup, there is no way to change the gear ratios to give it more low end for the planned larger tires. So it ended up being a heavy, underpowered, overgeared, car. I didnt want to build a car. This one is going to the junk pile.