Robs Stupid Yellow Gocart Page


This is Robs Stupid Yellow Gocart Page. It is Stupid.


Apr 12,1999 I had made a little cart for the kids with an old school rototiller motor, little tires, and no suspension. It was pretty simple, easy, and fun, but quickly tired of having to repeatedly start the motor for the kids, since they were too small to start it themselves.

I got a good deal on a 150 Honda Moped that had electric start. This would be a good solution for having a little cart for the kids, but relieve me from having to start if for them all the time

Moped was geared to top out about 70mph, but cart would be better if top speed was much less than that. So I put the motor to the side and put a sprocket where the rear tire originally went, and another sprocket on the wheel to reduce the speed.

The hardest part was making a fully independent front suspension.

Second cart, as a baby.

First test drive of new cart

Wheee. Look at left rear wheel coming off. I know, how stupid.

My daughter riding fully tested cart

My son, same day

Little brother


Brother-in-law with daughter

My daughter

My dad


My littlest brother exposing weakness of one wheel drive.

Me, getting sideways down a hill

My son in full battle gear

My brother doing donuts (i think)

May 07,2000 Thought it wasnt a big deal when the chain got kinda loose and started jumping the sprocket. Turned out to be a real big deal, cause it was enough shock to break the case and ruin the motor

Broke the motor case when chain got too loose