Robs Stupid '68 Mercury Cougar Land Page


This is Robs Stupid Cougar Page documenting my progress in the year 1999. It is Stupid.

I got a deal on a very used '68 Mercury Cougar and this is the chronicles of its revival.

I was looking for sandrail parts when I found it. I have always wanted a classic muscle car and when I saw it, I had to have it. It is missing motor and tranny. And it appears that all the parts are there, just needing to be assembled. It isnt much to look at, but the body is pretty straight, with only some surface rust all over and some bondo in the rear fender wells.

When I first brought the monster home October 22, 1999

Yeah, yeah, the other angle

A shot of the interior, what a mess

I think this is where the steering wheel is supposed to go.

Whoa, is that a steel dash?

..., and a bucket of parts, in the trunk

November 8, 1999. I bought a 67 tbird for the motor and tranny. The motor is a 390 4V, Tranny is a C6. Im gonna drop it in today and hopefully in a week or so it will be drivable. You can see part of the tbird in the picture below.

Trying to squeeze, literally, a 390 into the little monster

Looks like it fits, except it is sitting on the exhaust manifolds. Bummer!

November 15, 1999. After much research, there were 68 Cougars born with a 390, but require special exhaust manifolds to fit in this car. Problem is that the manifolds for the motors that were born in these cars have a 14 bolt pattern and the heads on this motor have an 8 bolt pattern.

A closer look at the problem. Do manifolds get any shallower?

Tell me how stupid my Cougar is

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