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This is Robs Stupid Sweeper Robot Page. Of course It is Stupid.

Oct ??, 2019 The other day I got a crazy idea that the heater ducts in my house needed sweeping. My house is really old and makes an icky smell when the heater comes on, after it has been off for awhile. Figured it was because the ducts were dirty.

Oct 30, 2019 Actually bought a tank chassis to mount stuff to. I used a Raspberry Pi3, an Arduino nano, and an L298N dual motor controller.

Silly Pic

Under side

Now 08, 2019 Threw together some software from my other robots, and made a web page to control it.

Stupid Web Page

Getting the robot into the heater duct was quite the adventure, and the camera kept hanging up all on the random stuff on the top of the ducts.

After moving the camera to a lower spot, it was alot easier to maneuver through the vents.

Mostly disappeared

The first voyage was just an exploratory one to see what I was dealing with, but didnt turn out very well. In the previous pic, you can see the safety line, but didnt help retrieving it after it fell into the top of the furnace!! Pretty Stupid, Huh?

Had to cut a hole in the furnace

Through the hole


Where it dropped from

I never would have thought that there was even a possibility of it falling into the furnace. Guess that figures. Might have to come up with a plan B

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