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This is Robs Stupid Gocart Page. It is Stupid.

I like to build stuff, and building stuff that is fun is just an added bonus. I didnt have a good camera when I first started building gocarts, but here are some of the ones that worked good.

Early 1997 First grownup cart started off with a 4 cylinder Honda 750 but oiling issues killed the motor before it moved under its own power.

Eventually the cart got a new 400cc 2 cylinder 2 stroke Yamaha motor from an early Banshee. After several false starts with suspension experiments, and broken welds, it did manage to be alot of fun.

One of the carbs fell off while riding and siezed the motor from lack of oil on the cylinder that was carbless. Even though the cart went like crazy with high rpms, 2 Strokes are kinda silly choice for a relatively heavy gocart, because of lack of low rpm torque.

Early 1998 The 4 cylinder 750 motor was pretty darn heavy, so the 3rd motor was a Kawasaki 750 2 cylinder motor. It was quite a bit lighter than the 4 cylinder 750 and turned out alot more fun.

First real cart 750 Kawasaki powered

Apr 12,1999 I had made a little cart for the kids with an old school rototiller motor, little tires, and no suspension. It was pretty simple, easy, and fun, but quickly tired of having to repeatedly start the motor for the kids, since they were too small to start it themselves.

Page all about the Kids cart

Jul 12,1999 The yellow gocart was ok, but underpowered, 1 wheel drive, and only carried 1 person. I had a Lake Powell trip coming up and decided to turn it into a 2 wheel drive, lower geared 2 seater.

Page about the 2 seater cart

Jun 27,2000 The yellow gocart was awesome and we got alot of use out of it, but now that it was dead, and we were tired of the 2 seater, I decided to use the motor from the 2 seater and make a 1 seater.

Page about the 1 seater cart

Aug 22,2000 The new cart is too wild for kids, and they werent strong enough to pull the clutch, so I went back to basics and built a simple one just for them from stuff I had laying around.

Page about the simple cart

May 04,2001 I was talking with my dad, and he said he was planning on buying a recumbent bike. Recumbents are just like regular bicycles, except you sit more towards your back, and pedals are out in front of you. They wanted ridiculous prices for the bikes, so we decided to build one ourselves

Page about recumbent bikes we built

Dec 23,2001 My dad gave me an 88 Chevy Sprint that had some slight front end damage. The motor still runs good, so it seems like a good candidate to make a mini sandrail out of.

Page about making a sandrail out of a tiny car motor

Sep 15, 2003 The idea of using a car motor for a gocart is an awesome idea, but building a car out of a car is just silly. Guess what? I found another car that wants to be a gocart, except I have a better idea for this one. use an axle to lower the gear ratios, put the motor in right, instead of goofy sideways, and use a bigger motor.

This turned out pretty cool, so it got its own page.

Apr 01,2010 I have been fulfilling my cart jones with the lawnmower and generic gocarts and 4 wheelers lately, but recently found the need to have a 2 seater buggy for some trail riding. Some friends have Rangers, and I thought briefly about buying one, but they are silly expensive, have small tires, underpowered, and fragile. I guess Ill have to make my own!

After much research, I decided to make a buggy like the first lawnmower, but with suspension and higher top speed. Putting the motor under the seat make for better weight distribution and shorter wheelbase. Using a normal car motor would prevent the motor from fitting under the seat, but a boxer type motor would fit sideways and be shorter to fit much better.

Page about making a buggy out of a car

Mar 09, 2022 Oops, went to gocart place with some friends. Its been awhile since Ive had an actual gocart, and riding the supposed 25hp electric gocarts were enough fun that now I need to build me a new one.

Robs Stupid Electric gocart