Robs Stupid '68 Mercury Cougar Land Page


This is Robs Stupid Mercury Page. It is Stupid. It is so stupid, you can click on any of the pics to enlarge them.

I got a deal on a very used '68 Mercury Cougar and this is the chronicles of its revival.

October 22, 1999. I was looking for sandrail parts when I found it. I have always wanted a classic muscle car and when I saw it, I had to have it. It is missing motor and tranny. And it appears that all the parts are there, just needing to be assembled. It isnt much to look at, but the body is pretty straight, with only some surface rust all over and some bondo in the rear fender wells.

When I first brought the monster home

Progress during the year 1999 Page"

Progress during the year 2000 Page"

Progress during the year 2001 Page"

Progress during the year 2002 Page"

Progress during the year 2003 Page"

The crappy looking grill just got to be too much for me to handle, it was time I detailed it and made it look half decent... Detailing of the grill Page"

After converting my car from a C6 auto to a toploader, it wasnt very likely that it was going to get an old outdated clutch actuating system... Hydraulic clutch Page"

I was starting to get used to my schedule of cleaning and tweaking several dozen electrical contacts in the various relays motors and such, it was time to build something better... Computerized blinker Page"

With the distributor advance range set to 18 degrees, the only way to keep from pinging at upper RPMs is to retard the initial timing to nearly 0 degrees, which makes nearly no power at idle. Most of my gocarts take off faster than my car when it is setup like this. This just wont do.... Computerized Timing Controller Page"

I have been looking for the perfect stereo to put in my car for several months. It has to be able to play mp3s, and couldnt find one that seemed right. I thought of making my own mp3 player. Earlier today I was looking at a Clarion AutoPC, sounded like an awesome idea, until I found that they are $1300, and a display costs another $800. Pretty crazy.... Theres a PC In My Car Page"

I planned on putting a rack and pinion in my car eventually, but the steering in my car crapped out unexpectedly one day, it was time to install the rack... Rack and Pinion Page"

Tell me how stupid my Cougar is